What is a Certified Cannabis Educator?

Advocate - Teacher - Entrepreneur - Student - Consultant - Coach - Resource - Patient ...

The journey to become one of the first Certified Cannabis Educators has been very rewarding. Check out our credentials below.

SUMMARY - our credentials

  1. Durham College: Cannabis Industry Specialization

  2. The Michener Institute of Education: Cannabis Educator

  3. Additional Courses

  4. Current Student

As a medical cannabis patient seeking educational information about how and why cannabis works for therapeutic purposes, Stacy sought information from local cannabis clinics and secret cannabis dispensaries in 2017.

This being prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, the
information was limited - there weren't many people looking for this type of information, which made it hard for those who wanted to access it.

Stacy was approached by a friend, in the summer of 2018, about seriously considering her ability to obtain a career in the cannabis industry in order to promote access to information. They knew their passion for the plant would amount to wonderful, rewarding opportunities in the future.

Cannabis conferences looked a lot different back then. They absorbed the information like sponges and connected with leaders in the industry.

Durham College was the first in Ontario to advertise a college-level continuing education program for medical cannabis. Stacy attended the class four days before the federal legalization of adult-use (recreational) cannabis in Canada.

This program introduced the history of cannabis as medicine and showcased the magnitude of potential that the future would hold. That course started Stacy on a path of learning about this, perhaps the
most misunderstood plant.

It was the manager of the Durham College Cannabis Industry Specialization program who guided Stacy's education and helped her realize her dream of one day educating others. She spent the year completing the full course load of this continuing education program to broaden her understanding about the business of cannabis. The courses in this program include:

  1. Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals

  2. Cannabis Law and Ethics

  3. Cannabis in the Adult-Use Market

  4. Importing and Exporting Cannabis

  5. Cannabis Business Operations:

    1. Structure of the Industry

    2. Facility Management

    3. Processing and Testing

    4. Finance and Resource Management

    5. Tracking Systems

Check out Durham College for more information on this program

Cannabis Educator Certificate Program

Stacy had her eye on this course ever since it was just a twinkle in the eye of the course developer. Not only did she see herself graduating with the first cohort of this program, she took the initiative and obtained her first paid job in cannabis to help develop the content, based on her credentials as a recognized cannabis industry expert (Durham College), and her experience proofreading and reviewing college-level cannabis course content (Business Operation course modules, Durham College).

Stacy proudly graduated with the first class of graduates from the Cannabis Educator program at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN May, 2020

Modules from The Michener Institute Cannabis Educator program:

  • History of Cannabis

  • Cannabis Science

  • Legalities Pt. 1

  • Legalities Pt. 2

  • Pain

  • Therapeutics

  • Adverse Effects

  • Dosing

  • Education Pt. 1

  • Education Pt. 2

Cannabis Sommelier Level 1

Sativa Science Club: Elevated Advocate

Medical Cannabis CE

Core Knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System

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